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Blog launch and an interesting fact about IT-Kitchen

15 March 2017

Welcome to IT-Kitchen Blog!

We have repeatedly implementied content marketing strategy. And our site has always remained in the shadows. After all, customers always come first!

We could just close this section or remove it from a new site. Quietly sit and do our job.

But here’s an interesting fact:

10 employees = 35+ total years of experience in the development, design, marketing and management

(as of March 2017)

Each of us has a story to tell and something to share. Starting today, we begin to prepare interesting material for you – dear reader.

What we expect from you:

  • comments (positive or negative) in blog entries and in social networks;
  • article rating (stars after each article) to better understand what you want to read;
  • social share and likes.

You consider yourself an expert in one of the above areas? We will publish your material while preserving copyright and of course you’ll get some money!

Contact us at –

Sincerely, IT-Kitchen team

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