Internet – marketing

Promoting your business online is what we do with the help of a complex Internet marketing. Depending on the business needs and the purpose of brand promotion, we will help you to choose appropriate tools for Internet marketing. We will turn into reality and will constantly work to increase the efficiency.


If you have already created a website for your business – you need a set of measures for its promotion. How else can the visitors find your website? As a part of a complex Internet marketing, IT-Kitchen specialists will bring targeted visitors to your site, increase brand popularity and loyalty, and, most importantly, will work to increase the conversion level of the site. The integrated internet marketing services include:

  • SEO Promotion;
  • Context Advertising;
  • SMM;
  • Content Marketing;
IT-Kitchen web studio

Promotion in search engines is the main tool for complex Internet marketing. Thousands of people right now are looking for products and services similar to yours. They are ready to make an order. And we know how to find them on the web. Your site will be optimized in accordance with the requirements of search engines and displayed on the first Google positions. The range of SEO activities includes:

  • SEO audit;
  • Internal optimization;
  • External optimization;
  • Analysis and reporting;
IT-Kitchen web studio
Contextual Advertising

Want to quickly get a large number of target visitors to the site with the help of internet marketing services? Contextual advertising is a perfect match for your business. Contextual advertising is placement of text ads in Google and Yandex. Certified Google AdWords experts of IT-Kitchen will:

  • efficiently configure advertising;
  • pick keywords;
  • create effective ad texts;
  • conduct effectiveness analysis;
Content marketing

This marketing technique of creating and distributing content demanded to attract the target audience. Content marketing provides a continuous growth of the target audience to your website by working with site content and distribution of branded content on other websites.

Content marketing is a new word in comprehensive internet marketing. Wish to be ahead of all competitors? Start using it today. Components of this type of advertising:

  • Content – quality articles posted on your website and beyond it;
  • SEO – content optimization for search engines;
  • SMM – distribution of content in social networks.
Web analytics

The service brings together all kinds of comprehensive internet marketing. On the Internet win those, who clearly know what kind of advertising on the Internet is the most cost-effective. Just imagine that half of keywords in contextual advertising do not bring sales. After analyzing the advertising channel we will be able to increase its efficiency by several times and save the advertising budget. Web analytics allows you to:

  • Determine the efficacy of each of the online advertising channels;
  • See the figure of income in terms of money raised from visitors;
  • Calculate profitability of each of your advertising channel;
  • Optimize or disable ineffective advertising channels based on the statistical data.