Contextual advertising

Бажаєте швидко отримати велику кількість цільових відвідувачів на сайт? Тоді контекстна реклама ідеально підійде вашому бізнесу. Контекстна реклама – розміщення текстових оголошень в пошуковій мережі Google та Яндекс, а також розміщення текстових та графічних оголошень на сайтах партнерах пошукових систем.

What is contextual advertising and what is it needed for?

Do you think now we will talk big?

Nope! Instead, you will get useful and transparent information about how we do it and what is the result. It’s not a problem if you don’t know what it is:

  • key queries;
  • Pay per Click;
  • adverts.

Do you have a website that presents you the best? Your products are excellent and prices are just great, and even a call-center with delivery service are perfectly good? But stubborn customers are not very active?

What’s the matter?

You just need your website to be found on the internet!

How this can be done:

Website search promotion. Here the matter depends on a SEO specialist, your website and … time. To get the desired result you need from 4-6 and sometimes more months. There are advantages, of course. I suggest reading about this here.

Contextual advertising. A perfect choice when you need to have customers for “yesterday.” The number of interested visitors is limited only by your budget and location. Tweaks allow hitting a potential customer precisely. Now in more detail.

How exactly contextual advertising works

We place text ads on the search engine Google. A user searching for the necessary information will see these ads in the top google positions (announcement marked “advertisement”).

Certified IT-Kitchen specialists perform for this purpose a precise and correct setting of contextual advertising AdWords. Payment is done under the scheme “pay per click”. This is the fairest system of payment for ads among all the existing.

That is, when a person visits your site, he/she has a 100% interest in your product and is ready to make a purchase. Anyone who switches to your site is a potential client and ads will be shown only to him or her.

And that’s not the limit – even after a single purchase from you, a person will be see your ad in his/her PC and a cell phone for a very long period of time thereafter. This advertising will literally run for him\her (called retargeting). This works very well and increases your chances to get a customer.

For example, you sell photo frames. Once clicking on ad in the search engine, in social networks, or even entering the site name from a business card, a person, who is interested in your product, will each time see banner advertising of your site on google partner sites.

Interesting banners with special offers or discounts only increase clickability (CTR). This scheme will provide for a minimum budget for contextual advertising. The cost of each click is optimal for you – your ad will appear only to those who are interested in photo frames.

Contextual advertising compared to SEO promotion

In addition, we carry out revival of your website by increasing the number of switches to it; we do website promotion in search engines.

It should be noted that the promotion of a site in search engines – is the result of hard work on optimizing your site’s pages. This is not a work for an immediate result – the best result will come in 4-6 months. However, if done once, it will work for years for you.

Contextual advertising starts to work immediately, but it needs to be occasionally “promoted” in order to always have good results. This is called “contextual advertising management”.

A perfect option – is a website promotion immediately in two ways – SEO-optimization and contextual advertising. This package of measures will give quick results through contextual advertising google AdWords and a significant reduction of budget over time due to search promotion.

Clear and understandable reporting

In addition to incomparable results in increased number of visitors to your site, you also get reports on web analytics. Every month, or on your request, we provide a report. Through a system of analytics google analytics – it will be described in detail what has been done and what is the reaction to these actions (page views, the cost of one click, percentage ratio of ads display and clicks, changes in data over time, etc.). The web analytics allows us to understand which way to go to develop your site even better.

The type of a site makes no difference for contextual advertising – it can be landing, a catalogue, a portal, an e-shop or any other. The results will be certainly high. If you do not have a website, then this is a first step in order to get acquainted with the service – website development, which is also our field of activity. And then we will talk about advertising.

Please contact us now and we guarantee you incredible results!