Website design

Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent. /Joe Sparano/. IT KITCHEN does not work with templates and ready-made design algorithms. Our goal is to develop your business and increase profits.

Landing pages

Single-page websites have won popularity long ago, since this is an excellent tool for a new business and a point sale of a service or a product. Before creating a design, we conduct a full analysis of your segment and competitiveness. Our goal is to highlight all the advantages of your brand, convey the style of a product, think over the logical sequence of the page and get a response to call to action in the form of a contact, order, request, phone call. We will create a truly professional design, which will bring profit.

Business card website

Millions of people search for services or goods every day and there is no better way to present your business than to create a professional business card website. The main purpose of such a site is the initial familiarization of users with the goods or services of the company. The business card website always contains all the necessary information - contacts, short list of goods and services, gallery and much more. Our goal is to create a design that is intuitive for the customer to show services rendered by the company, what it sells and what it deals with. We understand that a good business card website is informative, beautiful and clear.


When you create a design for an online store, you need to have a complete idea of what exactly it should be and who will be its main consumer. Often, many clients do not know what exactly it should be like. You can rely on us in this matter, because creating professional stores is our main direction. The main goal is to sell through a number of selling functions that are designed to maximize the circle of potential target audience. If you want to develop your business, make only unique, high-quality website design, and we’ll help you with this.

Unique website

A unique website is a site that differs from standard packages: landing page, business card website, on-line store. You imagine, and we’ll create: a website-catalogue, landing page with additional functions, your variations of other resources. Advantages: individuality, lack of stereotypeness, unlimited choice. We will realize your wishes in a striking design and necessary functionality. We will define your advantages and create the best website for your business.


IT KITCHEN provides an excellent opportunity to update your resource both externally and functionally. Redesign is not just an updated picture for us; it’s the resource improvement in general, of all its components starting from the software component and ending with the appearance.

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Thanks for your message! Our managers will contact you as soon as possible!

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